Oregon CCB Approved Pre-license Home+Online Study Course


Easy Instructions after you place your order:

  1. Read the book for a minimum of 16 hours and no less than 1 hour 9 minutes on each of the 14 chapters (even if you are a fast reader).
  2. Fill out our online 16 hour course completion form stating you in promise to have spent a minimum of 16 hours reading the manual.
  3. Optionally, you may use our ccb approved 500 online bonus practice questions (unlimited access).
  4. After submitting the 16 hour online completion form you will receive an email confirmation from PSI (the nationwide testing center that the CCB requires you to use) and then you may schedule with PSI to go sit for the final open book exam.
  5. After you take the final open book exam the testing center will hand you a piece of paper that says you passed the test. You will simply include that piece of paper with your CCB Contractor Application.


If you already own the latest 2nd Edition NASCLA CCB Manual and just need everything else, then click here.


If you need to upgrade to the current (2018) 2nd Edition English NASCLA CCB manual only, then you may buy the English version here.

We also sell the Spanish version of the current (2018) 2nd Edition NASCLA CCB manual here, however please note that we currently do not offer the Spanish 16 hour home study course.